Mental Attitude - For those who young people training Aikido

Starting with "Kyushu Student Aikido Federation" setting up memorial demonstration performed on May 21, 1966 at Kumamoto Prefectural Library Hall, it is expanding steadily at the hands of team members of Kyushu Student Aikido Federation Participating Institutions every year. I am flattered and deeply grateful for their devotion to Aikido and efforts to growth of the federation with each other's positions,

apan had been devoting to the road of science and civilisation in the 20th century. It might be a reason for seeking it when we had the war during that time.

Now science and civilisation hit the large wall after several decades from the war.

Do you know the reason?

Science and civilisation should make a prosperous human society, but when it is used for desire of some people, it will result in destruction of the social environment where humankind exists and the earth. And we came into a stalemate because of it.

The universe is moving based on the celestial law. Humankind cannot live without attaining the orbit. When we rebel the orbit, it will result in destruction. Learning the law is certainly the base of the eternal prosperity of humankind.

The Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba achieved it in the martial arts public and teaches us it through Aikido. He says "Aiki is Love" and "fulfilling the personal mission by the great spirit of universal kindness (Banyu Aigo no Daiseishin) should be the path of martial arts". We stumbled onto Aikido and the great Founder of Aikido gave us sayings. And we are really happy that we can realise it clearly through our body.

When all you young students learn and understand Aikido with both mind and body, and apply it in your life, you could be one step closer to the true peace of mankind.

And I hope all you young not only just performing Waza together on a demonstration but also make it a springboard to think how you put your shoulder to the wheel in the realisation of world peace through Aikido.

Manseikan Aikido founder
Kanshu Sunadomari