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The Root of Aikido in Kyushu, Manseikan Aikido All history of Aikido in Kyushu has started from here...

The first time I met Aikido was in 1935 at the promotion meeting of martial arts (Budo Senyou Kai) in Kodo Omoto on Kameoka city, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. This is the martial art of God! Since then, this event had been burned into my brain. The autumn in 1953 when we had a massive flood on post-war Kumamoto city, I met a young martial artist. He was the grand master, the Manseikan Aikido founder, the 9th Dan rank of Kanshu Sunadomari (He was the 6th Dan rank and the instructor of Tokyo headquarters dojo at that time). Fortunately, I could make my intuitive wish that "Enroot Aikido in Kumamoto!" come true. In the next year, 1954 on new year's day, we placed the sign "Aikido Kumamoto Dojo" on the dojo in Ooe Kuhonji, Kumamoto city with cooperation of my seniors, acquaintances where friends and the religious ceremony for the opening of the Dojo was conducted. It was the dawn of the birth of Aikido in Kyushu area. Furthermore, the Dojos were opened in Fukuoka prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture and Miyazaki prefecture …. and thousands of trainees are learning Aikido.

Manseikan Aikido chairperson
Yoshiaki Nakashima

Now Manseikan Aikido has the Dojos only listed on this page.

Manseikan Aikido Sunadomari Dojo (Kumamoto Pref)

Sunadomari Dojo

Location: 2-2 Suido-cho chuo-ku,Kumamoto city,860-0844 JAPAN

Phone: +81-96-352-7336

Visit and Free trial lessons are always available. Please feel free to join us.

Elementary school members: Sat 15:30-16:30

Junior high school and high school members: Sat 17:00-18:00 free practice 18:00~

General members (junior high school and high school members can also join):
Mon-Fri 19:30-20:30 ,free practice 20:30~

Contact:Manseikan Aikido Office 3-8-15-707 Kurokami chuo-ku,kumamoto city,860-0862 JAPAN

Phone: +81-96-327-9734 / Fax: +81-96-327-9752

Kanto area

  • Yokohama Dojo(Kanagawa Pref)

    Tsukasa Uno +81-45-715-2063

    Shiko Club Dojo
    2-36-10 Nagatahigashi,Minami-ku Yokohama city

    Time schedule:
    Early morning (Mon-Fri) 6:10-7:10
    Wed 19:00-20:30
    Sat 7:30-8:30, 17:00-18:30
    Sun 9:30-11:00, 14:00-15:30
    # No lessons on holidays

  • Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences Club

    2-9-1 Ariake Koto-ku,Tokyo 156-0063 Japan

    Practice days and times:
    Irregular basis

    Yoshihisa Koga

Kyushu area

  • Kagoshima Dojo (Kagoshima Pref)

    Chikao Takeuchi +81-99-261-8898

    General members:
    Jikyougakusya - Tue & Thu 18:00-19:30
    Prefectural Martial Arts Hall - Mon & Wed & Fri 18:30-19:30

    Child members:
    Prefectural Martial Arts Hall Sat 18:00-19:00

  • Midorigaoka Dojo (Kagoshima Pref)

    Noriki Sugio +81- 99-243-6605

    Kagoshima Midorigaoka Junior Highschool Martial Arts Hall
    (46-1 Midorigaoka-cho, Kagoshima city)

    General members:
    Tue & Thu 20:30-21:30

  • Izumi Dojo (Kagoshima Pref)

    Tetsushi Amatatsu +81-996-82-2248, mobile +81-90-8395-6780

    Izumi city Takaono Martial Arts Hall
    Izumi city General Martial Arts Hall (only for 1st & 3rd Sat)

    General members:
    Tue & Thu & Sat 19:00-21:00
    # Location will change depending on the situation

  • Nagasaki Dojo (Nagasaki Pref)

    Kazuyuki Masuda +81-95-855-1133
    Yasushi Uemura +095-826-6581

    Suwa Gymnasium Martial Arts Hall (19-15 Kami Nishiyama-machi, Nagasaki city)

    Child members, General members:
    Sun 7:00-9:00

  • Seiryukan (Nagasaki Pref)

    Yasushi Uemura +81-95-826-6581

    Inasa Local Community Fire Department Center (2F Hall)

    General members:
    Mon & Wed & Fri 19:30-21:00

    Child members:
    Sat 10:00-11:00

  • Nobeoka Dojo (Miyazaki Pref)

    Sumiharu Hirahara +81- 982-32-4171

    Nobeoka Civic Gymnasium - Martial Arts Hall (1-2894 Onuki-machi, Nobeoka city)

    General members:
    Sat & Sun 9:30-11:00

  • Fukuoka Seidenkan Dojo (Fukuoka Pref)

    Hirofumi Saito +81-90-3417-8715

    Yamato Juku (2-6-26 Sasaoka Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city)

    General members:
    Tue & Thu 19:00-20:00, Sat 11:00-12:00