Manseikan Aikido founder Kanshu Sunadomari 1923~2010

Manseikan Aikido founder Kanshu Sunadomari


合氣道開祖 植芝盛平翁
1961年(昭和36年)5月26日 熊本日日新聞社での記者に対するお話

Martial arts is Love.
The spirit of peace that calms a confilict before it happens is the real Japanese martial arts and we call it as "Aikido".
The older martial arts had lethal purposes and was tools for invasion.
And it was the wrong way to destroy oneself at the bottom of it.
But the "Aikido" is being in harmony and it shows the real great spirit of the universe.
If we do not know the spirit, it is impossible to develop our skill in "Aikido" and it means little to us.
If we apply the mind to "Aikido", it is even good for our self-defense, hygiene and beauty.

The Aikido Founder, Morihei Ueshiba
The comments in an interview by a newspaper journalist in his visiting to Kumamoto City - 26 May 1961.

愛の武道 和合の道

合気道開祖 植芝盛平翁 (1883~1969) は「武道の根元は、神の愛 - 万有愛護の精神 - であると悟り得て、法悦の涙がとめどもなく頬を流れた。その時以来、私はこの地球全体が我が家、日月星辰はことごとく我がものと感じるようになり、地位や名誉や財宝は勿論のこと、強くなろうという執着も一切なくなった。」 と話しておられます。その時の悟りから、開祖の武道は、闘争の武術から愛の武道、和合の道へと昇華したのであります。合気道と称しているものは沢山ありますが、本当の合気道の精神とは、敵を無くする道、自然と一体となる、霊肉一体の境地のことです。総てを包容する力が出てくれば、真の強さが発揮できます。

万生館合氣道館長 砂泊 諴秀


The Martial Art of Love and the Way of Harmonisation

The Aikido Founder, Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1963) says that "The root of the martial arts is the Love of God (Banyu Aigo no Seishin) and my tears of joy flowed unceasingly. Since that time, I feel that the entire globe is our home and the sun and the moon and the stars are mine. And I stopped clinging to be strong, of course to the status at hand and to privileges and treasure." After the enlightenment, his martial art had been sublimed from the martial art for fighting to the martial art of love, the way of harmonisation. There are lots of martial arts termed "AIKIDO" but the real spirit of Aikido is the way of taking the fight out of the enemy, harmonising with nature and the state of fresh-spirit united. When we have the power of encompassing everything, we could realise the real force.

"Aiki is Love" means a human mind works with purity. If this happens in Martial Arts, if we hold bad feelings towards the other person, and if we think to knock down the other person with impurity, we are unable to say that it is "Aiki". When we work with these feelings, we are doomed to fail. And when a human mind works with purity, it makes our body function correctly and results in fitting it to the celestial natural laws naturally.
Manseikan Aikido founder - Kanshu Sunadomari