Mental Attitude For those who training Aikido

Coming into the world as a human being, we must progress as a human being.Death is our fate, and how we achieve enlightenment before we die as a human being is the point.

What makes us progress?

Religion, education or science - depending on our choice.

If a person stumbled onto Aikido, I suppose the person is hoping to make progress through it.
If a person could not make progress through Aikido, then it is the waste of time, and the person should find another way rather than Aikido.

We should not think with our brain but achieve enlightenment through our action. If it does not embody the road, a grandiloquent statement will be a worthless ideology.
The Aikido Founder, Morihei Ueshiba left the goal of Aikido explicitly, so a person under Aikido training needs to read this ethos carefully and train hard toward it.

Manseikan Aikido founder
Kanshu Sunadomari