The Goal of the Aikido Giving life to change a martial art for fighting to one for harmonising.

There is a Japanese saying, "By the time you wish to be a good son and daughter, your parents are long gone. You cannot put a comforter over your parent’s tombstone." This words seems to me that they apply not only to the relationship between biological parents and their children but also the bond between master and disciple.

It means that we could not make any sense of anything the living master gave, but now we can fairly understand the message of our master as we matured in life long after the master breathed his last. In spite of the direct instruction from my master in old days gone by, it went in one ear and out the other. After the demise of my master, I truly rue the days.

The founder says, "Every human of the world should be siblings and bridged by the chord of Love. All art is done for this harmonization. We Japanese should spread the spirit of Japan to all over the world. Not only saying that we are friends in a small thought, but also we need to help each other as one large family." And he says, "The Goal of the Aikido is to create the globe which makes our world a happy place. "The beauteous figure of the universe is the family created by God." The really great, beautiful world has been already created. As human beings, we should create a truly delightful world on earth. In other words, we have to make our soil in peace and without war. We are engaged in the Aikido for that reason. The Aikido is the law which manifests the track of the universal truth."

All of the words from the founder mean that to create the paradise on the ground. He says that there is the Aikido for that duty. If the Aikido is to create the peaceful paradise on the ground, it should be fully satisfied by all nature.

During the lifetime of the founder, he told me, "No matter how we deeply explain this martial art (Aikido), it is not possible to explain it deeper. And no matter how we write about this martial art in detail, it is not possible to write about it in more detail." I would assume that the founder said the beauty of the Waza of the Aikido and of its excellence are great beyond all description and deep. But I was definitely not able to understand the real heart of my master.

It has been 40 years since that time, I have been poring over the words of my master "It is not possible to explain it deeper" over and over questing for the truth. Here now I evidently think that this is it and I feel that I deeply touched the part of the heart of the founder.

The important thing for those who have eyes for the Aikido and will set face to the way is to pore over the teachings of the founder, quest for the truth and learn the Goal aspired by the founder. Embodying the Goal by ourselves, facing to the real Waza of the Aikido, I believe that we could verge on the Goal.

April 26, 1985
Manseikan Aikido founder
Kanshu Sunadomari

Manseikan Aikido founder Kanshu Sunadomari